Johanniter  Subcommandery of the United States

Who are we?

The Johanniter in the United States of America is a branch of the Johanniterorden, officially known as the Brandenburg Bailiwick of the Knightly Order of St. John of the Hospital at Jerusalem. We are a brotherhood devoted to charitable, hands-on Christian service, serving our Master Jesus by serving “our masters the frail, the weak, the sick, and the poor.”

While the roughly six dozen Johanniter knights in the United States—along with their friends and families—belong to various Protestant denominations, they work closely together with other Christian and non-Christian charitable organizations, including other branches of the Alliance of the the Orders of St. John of Jerusalem.

What do we do?

Unlike our German confreres, Johanniter in the United States do not have our own hospitals or senior citizen homes, nor the Johanniter Rescue Squads on our highways or in our neighborhoods. Instead, we find our callings close to home; our primary efforts are within our respective churches, in which most of us hold positions of leadership and responsibility.